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Leadership Lens – which is right?

Leadership lens

Any photography enthusiastic understands that, whilst the subject remains the same, the choice of lens will change how it is viewed. What is true for cameras is also true for people, as we all see the world through our own lens of perception and bias. A wide angle lens gives you the 'big picture', whilst other times you will want to 'zoom in' to see detail. To have only one lens would cause you to miss out on so much. Leadership Lens Let me ask you a question; "Do you like to have the data points and build a picture from what you have, or do you prefer to start with a … [Read more...]

Global Leadership

Global Leadership

Global Leadership - the 5 C's Global leadership is the new standard. When companies were just national, you could make it to senior level or even the top with a mix of competence and confidence (of course a few good connections could also help). Today, successful companies are international or global and to be leader requires something extra. Just doing a good job on your home turf is no longer enough, you have to be visible and you have to have impact. For example, a senior manager in India or Indonesia, could be successfully managing thousands of people, meeting … [Read more...]

4 Keys to STOP Discounting Yourself

stop discounting yourself

Do you ever underplay or understate your real value? Do you shy away from praise and recognition and say things like, “it was nothing”, or “It’s just my job”? Discounting is a common behavior, but one that is more common in women than men. With confidence and presence being key predictors of success in life and work, discounting is costing you money and your well being. So why do we discount? Usually because somebody or something (parents, siblings, school, friends, boss, media) has done a number on our self-esteem. Self-esteem … [Read more...]

Leadership Lessons from the Dark Knight Pt 1

Leadership Lessons

Leadership Lessons part 1: Batman is arguably the greatest super-hero for one reason – he’s just a man. He’s not from another planet and he wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider. What makes the ‘Dark Knight’ a super-hero are his human characteristics. Like any good leader, Batman inspires us by his commitment and vision. Whether you are a DC Comics fan or watched Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Movie trilogy, you will know that Batman fights injustice with a genius like intellect, intuitive … [Read more...]

Self Leadership authors pull no punches

self leadership authors

Amazon Review by Daniel Da Vinci on June 11, 2014 Self Leadership authors pull no punches "Inspirational and motivating reading." The message of self empowerment/leadership is a challenging and often deeply personal topic. You can trust me when I say the authors 'pull no punches' in the pages of this book. I often found myself putting it down and pausing for deep … [Read more...]

Time Management – the low tech way

time management

Time management is, in my opinion, a lost cause. We cannot manage time, but we can manage ourselves through focus management. Focus management is a self-leadership skill and one that I personally struggle with. My attention goes quickly to the next 'shiny' thing and I can easily take on too much and end up with a feeling of being overwhelmed. Perhaps, like me, you too struggle with an overflowing in-box and desk strewn with bits of paper. So you get the picture, I'm not a time-management … [Read more...]

Strategies for Millennial Leadership – courtesy of Spiderman

Strategies for Millennial Leadership

Strategies for millennial leadership, are as important for young leaders as those leading them. As part of my upcoming book on Super-Hero Leadership which uses comic heroes as a modern mythology, I have explored this topic from the perspective of Marvel Comics, ever popular, spider-man. Spider-man starts his super-hero journey as a student, and we observe him get his first job as a photo-journalist. Spider-man is therefore a great role model for millennial leadership and those wanting to develop young Just as spider has 8 legs, in this blog I … [Read more...]

Stakeholder Management & Insight

I recently spoke for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, CIMA, in Sri Lanka on Stakeholder Management, Insight and Influence. Here is my Slideshare: Stakeholder Management - Developing Insights from … [Read more...]

Cultural Leadership Styles

Cultural Leadership Styles

Cultural Leadership styles need to be understood and adapted to if we are to become a 'global citizen'. This infographic by Richard Madison gives you a quick overview of what to expect. I would caution, however, that cultural leadership styles are by nature, a generalization, and can vary company by company. Do you agree with these descriptions or do you have your own take on cultural leadership styles? … [Read more...]