Time Management – the low tech way

time management

Time management is, in my opinion, a lost cause. We cannot manage time, but we can manage ourselves through focus management. Focus management is a self-leadership skill and one that I personally struggle with. My attention goes quickly to the next 'shiny' thing and I can easily take on too much and end up with a feeling of being overwhelmed. Perhaps, like me, you too struggle with an overflowing in-box and desk strewn with bits of paper. So you get the picture, I'm not a time-management … [Read more...]

Strategies for Millennial Leadership – courtesy of Spiderman

Strategies for Millennial Leadership

Strategies for millennial leadership, are as important for young leaders as those leading them. As part of my upcoming book on Super-Hero Leadership which uses comic heroes as a modern mythology, I have explored this topic from the perspective of Marvel Comics, ever popular, spider-man. Spider-man starts his super-hero journey as a student, and we observe him get his first job as a photo-journalist. Spider-man is therefore a great role model for millennial leadership and those wanting to develop young Just as spider has 8 legs, in this blog I … [Read more...]

Stakeholder Management & Insight

I recently spoke for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, CIMA, in Sri Lanka on Stakeholder Management, Insight and Influence. Here is my Slideshare: Stakeholder Management - Developing Insights from … [Read more...]

Cultural Leadership Styles

Cultural Leadership Styles

Cultural Leadership styles need to be understood and adapted to if we are to become a 'global citizen'. This infographic by Richard Madison gives you a quick overview of what to expect. I would caution, however, that cultural leadership styles are by nature, a generalization, and can vary company by company. Do you agree with these descriptions or do you have your own take on cultural leadership styles? … [Read more...]

Leadership Development Model

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

The above leadership development model was co-created recently whilst I was working with a senior leader of a Fortune 500 Company. He was expressing his mixture of pride and frustration at the leadership development of his managers. On the one hand his people had great technical skills and were exemplary at execution. He assessed their ability to collaborate and manage conflict as high, but in need of the occasional reminder. On … [Read more...]

Gamification Leadership Development

Gamification Leadership

Gamification leadership development - but leadership is serious business I hear you say! Yes it is, but learning it can be fun and messages can become 'sticky' when leaders engage in relevant learning games. Gamification can defined as taking the elements of games— such as engagement, challenge, collaboration, learning and levels—and applying them to a range of real-world situations inside an organization. Gamification Leadership Development Gamification is already familiar to functions such as marketing and employee engagement, but it … [Read more...]

Self-leadership in Action


Self-leadership is, at its simplest, the ability to influence yourself to achieve your objectives. However, since writing the book Self Leadership with Dr. Ana Kazan (McGraw-Hill 2012), I have come to realise that there are multiple self-leadership actions and applications. Self-leadership in Action 1.  Authenticity Authenticity is a leadership requirement and a powerful factor when it comes to building trust. Self-leadership explains how you can develop your authenticity. When you are … [Read more...]

Resilience for life


Resilience, as you probably know, is the ability to 'bounce back', to recover from difficulties.  Resilience is something we don't usually give much thought, that is, until we need it. Perhaps, like me, you think of yourself as invulnerable, a superman or superwomen? But even Superman had to face Kryptonite, the rock that robbed him of his powers. Kryptonite  in the form of tough times comes in many forms; health , financial, emotional, relational and career. This blog was prompted by me being unwell for the last 4-weeks and being confined to my bed … [Read more...]

VUCA world – is Self Leadership the answer?


VUCA is an acronym coined by the US army and stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. We live in a VUCA world where the accelerating rate of change creates volatility. A VUCA world means we all experience large amounts of uncertainty, due to this volatility and can feel overwhelmed and confused by what is going in terms of politics, the economy and the environment. The overwhelm is increased by the amount of complexity that we face in just making the most basic of decisions; and with this complexity comes the need to deal with … [Read more...]

Creating Change by Changing Minds

creating change

When creating change, whether personally or within an organization, you will encounter resistance. People will tell you they are on board with the new vision but then¸ engage in behaviors that sabotage their goals. In the last couple of months I have worked on creating change for bankers who were building duplicate systems worth millions of dollars because they wouldn’t share, and a toxic workplace where people were backstabbing but complaining it wasn’t a nice place to work. In addition I have coached a number of senior leaders who want to be more empowering … [Read more...]